Sabtu, 23 April 2011

Hacking into Internet hotspots and wireless network

Hacking into Internet hotspots and wireless network is not difficult. This trick can also be used to find the password used by a person in accessing hotspots typically use prepaid cards.

Some tools are Laptop or PC which has WiFi facility. In addition, it took some software among others:

1. AngryIP Scanner (108 kb): software for scanning IP address and search for mac computers victims. This software is portable. So it does not need installation process.

2. Mac Address Charger (312 kb): This software is to change the mac address.

Follow the steps below :

1. Find the location of the hotspot service provider.

2. Turn on your laptop and turn on the same wireless network. Then right-click the wireless network system tray icon and select view available wireless network, then connect to a wireless hotspot is your destination.

3. Right click the system tray and select Status-> Tab Detail ->. Write the IP address that appear.

4. Open Courses AngryIP Scanner and IP fill with range which we will scan at the top. For example: we can IP, enter the range in the first column, but replace the numbers at the end with 1 to and in the second column write down the field the same but the number one end of the dressing with 255 to The results is to and click start (red button).

5. After the scan then we will get a live IP data and connected with these hotspots. After the scanning process is complete, then see the IP are active (alive hosts) in blue. Right-click on an IP is active, then right click on an IP that was blue -> show -> mac address and there will be code mac address (mac addresses sometimes there does not appear, just choose another ip). Write down the mac address that we get.

6. Open the Mac Address Changer program that we have prepared earlier. There is a mac address field. Now change the mac address with which we got earlier and press change mac id.

7. Temporary connection disconnected and connect again automatically.

8. Sign in to a web browser and enjoy the free internet access.

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