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The following tools are tools that are often used by hackers in launching the action. Each tool has its own specifications that can be used as needed.

1. Cain & Abel
A very popular tool is known as a versatile application. Besides can make cracking passwords, this application allows you to obtain the hash values from various sources.

2. Dumpacl-Dumpsec
This tool is used to perform the job enumeration. How it works by exploiting Null Connections, so that these tools are capable of displaying user accounts in detail.

3. Keylogger
This tool can hide itself if detected from the Task Manager. Keylogger secretly records all keyboard activity on a PC that already installed this application, including clipboard, snapshots, and addresses of websites visited.

4. Winfingerprint
This application incorporates many enumeration technique. In this application you can see through the Net BIOS enumeration, SMB, MSRPC, SNMP, and Active Directory. You can just enter the IP address of hosts that want to review and select the scan button to start scanning.

5. Sams Big Play Maker
Application of this one is unique because it can hide hidden text or message that you enter becomes like a form of conversation. Ordinary they will not realize that there was a hidden message in it.

6. Track Eraser Pro
In matters erase the traces, this application is very reliable, because it supports many types of applications. Besides can remove the log that is recorded by Windows, this application will remove traces of Office applications, RealOne player, media player and so forth.

7. Active Password Changer
With this tool, you can change the password in the computer that you can physically access. There are some features it possesses, namely booting from USB drives, floppy disks, or via CD.

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